Water savings - Wasting water is easy to stop.

Capillary or subsurface irrigation eliminates evaporation, wind drift and runoff. Water is applied to the exact area the plant needs it to be, as it is unable to absorb water through its leaves. By irrigating from above, only one third of the applied water actually reaches the root area. On large surfaces such as parks, gardens, sporting grounds and agricultural fields this adds up to an enormous amount of water simply being wasted. Depending on turf characteristics, we are able to reduce water consumption by up to 70% compared to conventional irrigation methods. Installing the hosing will not only not damage your lawn, it already improves overall lawn quality as our installation technique is identical to aeration measures. Depending on surface size, the entire job of installing an OsmoDrain system requires just two to seven days, leaving your garden or sporting ground already healthier and in better condition than before and under a sustained basis.

Improving turf quality

Capillary or subsurface irrigation improves quality and looks of turf as well as plants by significantly increasing root growth and mass. Green areas are more resilient against infestations and develop significantly higher resistance to wear and tear (e.g. increased playability of sporting grounds without damaging the turf). Minerals already contained in the water are directly absorbed by the root system, minimising the need for extra fertiliser. Our system specifically designed for highly frequented sporting grounds comes with fully automated aeration, gas exchange, active drainage and fertilisation. This technique eliminates the need for heavy machinery operating on the turf, thus making soil compaction an issue of the past. Soil air and pore volume are consistently optimised and biodiversity sustained. Repairing or renewing the lawn becomes unnecessary as it is capable of maximum regeneration.


THE OSMO-DRAIN® SYSTEM – a significant step towards more environmental protection

OSMO-DRAIN® is a special process whereby the injection and extraction of water and air is used to control the biological and physical characteristics of the soil layers in a natural and sustainable manner in such a way that consistently optimal conditions for growth are created in all vegetation regions. The water-conserving effect is of particular significance in arid regions. It is designed to provide environmental protection in consideration of the fact that currently there is no other known and field-tested process that consumes less water. Since the process uses only water and air, it effectively protects the soil.

Saving money

The investment for the OSMO-DRAIN system will be amortized within 4 years in avarage – only by reduction of water costs.


Costs of irrigation:

Save up to 70% due to capillarity irrgation, control mechanism by sensors and parameteres (no evaporation, no wind drift)


Costs of fertilisation:

Save up to 70% with optimized root fertilisation and no expensive long-term fertilisation


Costs of repair:

Save up to 95% because of very few movable components in the system.


Costs of turf maintenance:

Save up to 70%. Strongly developed root mass will improve resistance to turf damage. Almost no aeration service is needed due to full- automated aeration over the system (less compaction)

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